St barth vacation rentals

You crave for a Caribbean holiday, full of entertainment and fun? Catch a glimpse at what a St Barth vacation rental can bring you.

The island of St Barths is a relatively small one. In fact most people who desire to come here will land at the nearest Saint Martin's Juliana International Airport, and travel by plane or private boat to St Barts. Upon your arrival you will be greeted by our concierge who will take pleasure in showing you roundthe isle in his car and offer valuable insights for your stay. He will also drive you to your St Barth vacation rental , and show you how's everything works in the villa. This car is most welcome since it will give you the freedom of traveling across the island at your own pace.

You're looking for outdoor and marine activities?

Some of the most inland active pursuits in St Barts include playing tennis, pétanque or horseback riding. Also strolling along hiking trail through the St Barts' natural territories is a nice way to grasp all the beauty of the island. Of course a St Barth vacation rental , would not be complete without a trip to one of the seventeen white sandy beaches that encompasses the island (Lorient, l'Anse des Cayes, Gouverner, Corrossol, l'Anse de Marigot, etc.). Once nestled in your seashore St Barts' house, you have a choice of sea-related options to choose from: sailing, hang gliding, wildlife watching, or snorkeling and scuba diving preferably along the magnificent natural coral reef.