St barths

Do you remember that travel brochure you came across last year? Tropical St Barths may have moved your imagination at the time.

Over the years, St Barths ' development has led to infrastructures that operate well on tourism. Friendly residents and well-located village centers makes visiting and living in St Barts pleasant and cozy. There are many captivating places to visit while on the island: 2 museum (the Wall House and the Inter Oceans ones), 2 forts, a lighthouse (on the heights of Gustavia) and several typical churches. St Barts is a VAT-free island, so the upscale boutiques are worth a visit now and then. One of the largest private estates on Saint-Barthelemy is the horse riding centre that will allow you to encounter yet another feature of the island. Be prepared for a splendid ride of discovery and wildlife watching: animal life, vegetation and spectacular view points. After that, St Barthelemy will hold no secrets for you anymore.

You want a multifaceted experience for your next travel?

Present-day Saint Barth offer a choice of activities and recreations for children and adults alike. The 17 beaches of St Barths are often sheltered, but they are also a nice starting point for marine experiences: scuba diving and snorkeling along the coral reef, surfing and windsurfing, as well as fishing and sailing on the coast to discover unspoiled tropical creeks. In another register, music and dance are also widely practiced throughout the island the former including more than 10 different styles. Take a look closer!

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