Villa rental st barth

For your next vacation, you want to explore other cultures and traditions? A villa rental in St Barth may come in handy then.

While in St Barts house rental, take some time to experience the French way of life and sights. 2 museums, a lighthouse, 2 forts, the Swedish clock and a number of churches can be discovered on foot or by car. The island's desert-like feature is also ideal for horse riding or hiking in the natural reserves. Saint Barth has a number of 17 beaches located all around the island, so visitors may head for them once they've indulged their entertainment and shopping needs in Gustavia's upmarket quarters. If you're feeling more adventurous, you can leave your Villa rental in St Barth to try your hand at hang gliding, diving or boating along the stunning coral reef and the group of 10 smaller islands that St Barts includes.

You want a famous spot to unwind and have a good time?

The weather in St Barts is usually steady around the year, temperature varying from 22°C in winter to 30°C in summer, allowing an unrivaled quality of life. There is no rainy season to speak of. Saint Barth is an overseas collectivity of France where French laws apply. The official language is French but large parts of the population speak English as well. To get to your villa in Saint Barth the most common way is to take a flight service to Juliana International Airport situated on the nearby island of St Martin. Then, it is a lot of fun to take a cruise ship or a little plan to your villa rental in St Barth .