St barts

People in St Barts are celebrated for their gentleness and quietness? Have a look to our villas in St Barthelemy and experience a new kind of vacation.

Belonging to France, St Barts encompasses an archipelago of at least 10 islands, between the Islands of St Martin and St Kitts and Nevis in the South-West and the Islands of Antigua and Barbuda in the South-East. An unusually large distinction of wildlife currently exists in St Barth opening the doors to a National Wildlife Protection Area, in an effort to watch over the highly structured coral reef and abundant plant and animal life. Diving and snorkeling along the coral reef is permitted, but spearfishing is not. As anywhere else in France, the seventeen beaches are public, so access is free.

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St Bart is a remote island and a great place for those who seek a secluded Caribbean lifestyle. Only the small towns are popular for tourism and the island's economy relies heavily on the constant arrival of visitors renting or purchasing a villa in St Barts seeking to experience the valued cozy atmosphere. But if you are looking for more adventure and excitement while staying on the island, St Bart also offers many historic premises to visit for explanation on the Caribbean history from forts to museums and churches. There is also a lighthouse on the heights of Gustavia, the capital. French is the primary language spoken in St Barts , but you will always people who have enough English to tell you directions, for example.

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