St barts house

For your vacation you are thinking of a cultural and relaxing holiday? Rent a St Barts’ house and you’ll appreciate tons of valuable tropical experiences.

In 1674 France bought St Barthelemy from the Order of Malta.By the treaty of June 1st, 1784 between the kings of Sweden and France, Saint Barthelemy was exchanged for the right of access by French Sailors to the port of Gothenburg. A century later, by a treaty signed in August 1877, Saint-Barthelemy was surrendered to France and attached administratively to Guadeloupe. Indeed if you possess a St Barts' house , you are sure to immerse yourself in its history. Museums, churches, a lighthouse and artifacts are sure to draw your attention to the past.

You want to participate in the annual festival full of ethnic music, food and dancing?

At first, St Barts was not considered as a popular island for tourism, and having a St Barts' house was not particularly trendy. But throughout the years however, more and more people began to visit the island and enjoyed its natural wonders. But St Barths remain a place for those who seek a peaceful environment and white sandy beaches to relax on. Soft marine entertainment is available from a villa rental in St Bart, for example: scuba diving and snorkeling along the magnificent coral reef. Surfing and fishing are readily available. After a full day on one of the seventeen beaches, a subtle nightlife provides additional recreation, and the opportunity to enjoy the many restaurants, bars, and spontaneous parties in private villas in St Barth.