Villas st barth

For your next paradise home, you want large beaches, wonderful to walk along? A villa in St Barth would then be a source of endless pleasures

St Bart used to be a drowsy island but is now a flourishing one thanks to the development of its tourism infrastructures with incredible natural environment. In fact the coastline, with its wealth of public and private beaches bordering the villas in St Barth , was once discovered by Christopher Colombus in 1493, but not inhabited before the 17th century. Pirates used to take advantage of the more inhabited cayes (or keys) to operate as hideouts. That said, sightseeing continues to be one of the major industries and economic contributor to this day, with more and more honeymooners and newlyweds staying on the island for a while.

You are looking for a relaxed vibe and natural reserves?

Close to your Saint Barts' villa, you will find stunning views, which include a wild assortment of vegetation, animals and limestone outcroppings. So once nestled in your villa in St Barth , it's easy go horse riding further inland or hiking along the trails that encompass the island. For more St Barths' marine activities here a few tips about the beaches you must visit: Colombier Beach is both wild and exclusive, the seabed around the north side of the bay being wonderful and a place where Turtles, Rays, Lobsters and Starfish can frequently be seen. On the opposite, the far end of Lorient Beach has pounding waves that are prime surfing waters; the remaining of this long beach is usually quiet, calm and ideal for swimming.