Caribbean home rentals

For your new abundantly natural vacation escape, you desire a home far from the beaten track? Take a look at our Caribbean home rentals.

Boasting some of the best diving and environmental excursions in all of the Caribbean St Barthelemy continues to draw in individuals seeking to detach themselves from a busy lifestyle. At Ici et La, we can suggest some of the most luxurious Caribbean home rentals you can imagine. Indeed, St Barths prestigious properties are second to none, a stone's throw from some of the best beaches and restaurants (with ethnic dishes in a sunny waterfront spot) in all of the Caribbean. Blessed with a warm weather all year round, and regardless of whether you decide to visit or perhaps live in the Caribbean, each resort has a diverse and enchantingly unique way of life. St Barths villas certainly share some traditions of a rich Latin culture.

You want pristine beaches?

Saint-Barthelemy is in fact an archipelago, since it is surrounded by a number of small islands: Chevreau, Coco, Fourchue, Frégate, Tortue, Le Boulanger, Les Grenadins, Pain de Sucre, Petit Jean and Toc Vert, all having superb beaches. A Caribbean home rental is also the opportunity to enjoy the year-round celebration of the Caribbean, like the colorful Carnival. The capital, Gustavia, is home to St Barthelemy's marina and ship harbor and includes a popular hiking trail, a museum, a lighthouse, as well as a large selection of quaint shops. The famous 4 and 5 star St Barts' hotels are also important source of funding for the island.