Villas saint barth

You still need to unwind on a tropical beach and have drinks by the oceanfront? Take a visit of our website and see the villas available in Saint Barth.

St Barthelemy used to be a lethargic Caribbean destination with incredible natural vistas. Nowadays, real estate is booming, especially new luxury hotels and villas in Saint Barth with their private pool and Jacuzzi, restaurants and bars which are launched every year. But even with new facilities, St Bart's Grande Saline beach is itself the main attraction, along with several of the other 17 beaches on the island, each having its own character. Thus Petit Cul-de-Sac Beach is the best spot to learn why the island has consistently been rated as one of the ten most appealing diving destinations around the globe. The coral reef and fascinating marine life have delighted guests for decades and makes it hard to believe that it once was a remote isle no one paid much attention to.

You also want a country with national reserves, museums, and other artifacts?

Not far from you villa rental in St Barth, there is a range of recreation not to be missed: 2 festivals are held annually and you have a choice of museums, forts, lighthouse, a Swedish clock to visit at any time. From you villa in Saint Barth , you can experience other marine sports including surfing and windsurfing, or boating, while inland sports include hang gliding, tennis, horseback riding, and hiking along the various trails that encompass the island. There is no main line airport in Saint Barth, so the best way to come to the island is not take a flight to Saint Martin's Juliana International airport and join the island by ferry or cruise ship, or with your own watercraft.

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