St barts hotel

You are looking for something different for your next vacation? Why not pick up a villa in St Barts for rent or a nice St Barts’ hotel in the Caribbean.

St Barthelemy, commonly known as “St Barts” was discovered by Christopher Colombus in 1493. It is a very tranquil and quiet island in the Caribbean. The people there have a rich French and Swedish ancestry, many of them having Breton or Norman descent. Several famous names, such as Harrison Ford or Tom Cruise call or have once called St Barth their home. However, the island is known as much for its celebrities as it is for its continually growing tourism, which has eased up to more and more St Barts hotel developments.

You are looking for well situated villas in St Barts, close to leisure activities?

Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will definitely want to check the reefs, each of which being covered in corals and usually inhabited by a rich marine wildlife: turtles, fishes, dolphins. Other marine recreations include surfing and windsurfing, sailing along the coast and fishing in unprotected areas. Any villa in St Barth or St Barts' hotel will be conveniently situated close to one of the 17 beaches you can count on the island. Those go by the names of Corossol, la Petite Anse, l'Anse de Public, Toiny, Shell Beach, Flamands, Grande saline, or Gouverner (without a doubt one of the best beaches of the island that is prized for its natural beauty; legend says that the famous pirate Monbart hid his treasure here. A must visit beach), etc.