Villa st barthelemy

You want a feast of art and culture for the senses? With a villa in St Barthelemy, you have ample occasion to experience VAT-free shopping.

Historians tell us that St Bart was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and named after his brother, Barthélemy. It was colonized for the first time in 1648 by people from the neighboring island of St Kitts, but this first settlement failed and the island was sold to the Order of Malta. Over the years, St Barth has emerged from quietly isolated early development to become one of the best snorkeling and scuba diving destinations of the world. A few minutes away from your villa in St Barthelemy , 17 beaches ring the island, and if you happen to be in beach la Petite Anse, do not forget your snorkelling equipment since this little haven is very protected and perfect for discovering fishes and corals.

You want to alternate between basking in the sun and cultural activities?

Festivals, Carnival, horse riding, hang gliding offer entertainment and unrivalled cheerfulness. You may also hike along the trails to discover unspoiled natural vistas, which allow for great photo opportunity; something very popular amongst nature watchers. In 1957, David Rockefeller purchased a property of 27 hectares (66 acres) for a few thousand dollars, built a villa in St Barthelemy , and started the progressive transformation of the island to “an exceptional site assuring privacy in the high season and a strong degree of security” - which sets the villas in Saint Barth apart from the other Caribbean islands.