St barthelemy

For your next holiday, you want a tropical destination? Then have a taste of St Barthelemy in the French Antilles.

St Barthelemy can boast several bars, restaurants, clubs, and boutiques, you can visit anytime of the year. Though it's a small island there's a vast range of recreation activities and locations to see. The island also has a long history (2 forts, 2 museums, 1 lighthouse, the Swedish clock and churches remain visible), having being discovered by Christopher Colombus in the 15th century, but colonized only in the mid 17th century by French sailors from Normandy and Brittany. As an addition, St Barts is blessed with attractive marine life along the coral reef and is a paradise for divers. All marine outdoor activities are available on the island: surfing and windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling. And inland, you can practice hang gliding, horse riding, tennis and pétanque (a typically french game that is played with small metal balls).

You need to have beautiful natural vistas and exotic wildlife?

Beside its holiday appeal, the Caribbean has also deserved a reputation for its wealth of spices, from cocoa, and cinnamon, to mace, cloves and nutmeg. As a matter of fact, the significant production of natural spices makes neighboring Caribbean islands some the largest suppliers of nutmegs in the world. And of course, wherever you St Bart's rental is located, it is always possible to experience the incredible beaches that make living in St Barthelemy so enjoyable and peaceful. Yes indeed, St Barth is a place to remember!

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