St barts houses

You are looking for a real holiday visiting historic sites under a warm weather? Why not rent or purchase a St Barts’ house then.

St Barts has just the minimum amount of entertainment venues and attractions, which makes it a lot more peaceful than its neighbor Saint Martin and better suited for people who want to relax from the hubbub for a while. As one would expect, St Barthelemy features many French influences, from the attire worn by locals to the names given to the beaches and small villlages: those ones go by the names of L'Anse de Grand Fond, Toiny, Petit Cul de Sac, Corossol or Gouverner. Close to the villas in St Barths, you will also find gourmet restaurants which are among the most famous in the Caribbean. Most St Barts' houses

You are just hoping for a unique experience of simple fun and soaking in the sun?

There is something for everyone in St Barthelemy. You could simply wish to unwind by the beach all day or get involved into a simple marine activity, like scuba diving or snorkeling along the coral reef. Getting to know the inhabitants of Gustavia and of the villages nearby is one of the best things to do to get a feel for the culture and customs of St Barths. And if you are a strong sports buff, a mile or two from your St Barts' house , you will have the opportunity to try your hand at hang gliding, tennis or horse riding.