Hotel st barts

You want more than the famous beaches of the Caribbean?Hotels in St Barths, but also private residences, are known to be the largest properties available

In St Barths, it's not rare to have 4-bedroom residences, with 2 bathrooms and a private swimming pool whether you are living in a hotel's suite close to St Barts' capital, Gustavia, or further inland in a rental home or guesthouse. Multiple communities in St Barths offer plenty of rare luxury mansions, all with varying numbers of bedrooms, but each boasting a prime location near the numerous white sandy beaches. A relative lack of rainfall, cool breezes and sunny weather have long contributed to St Barths' long standing tourism appeal.

Once in your hotel in St Barts , enjoy the tropical setting at your own pace!

The so-called desolate landscape of St Barts is nevertheless worth glancing at, not only because of the acclaimed beaches, but also because of the wealth of nature and animals that live on the island. Iguanas, birds, cactuses, extraordinary limestone formations can be found on the island and are great choice to explore after a trip to one of the numerous beaches. Whether you are located in a St Barth vacation rental or have a residence of your own, you will have plenty of time to fully relax or scuba-dive or windsurf along the magnificent coral reef.