St barth villas

You are hoping for a fusion of music and dancing quietly situated on sandy beaches? Why not try out a St Barth Villa then.

Saint Barth is a popular destination in the Caribbean; it is frequently referred to as “the Caribbean's pearl” and its auspicious character largely comes from the colorful residents (the Saint Barts and the Metros) who are quite friendly and welcoming, as well as the abundance of nature and sea-related recreations. One thing to keep in mind: the beaches are never far off a St Barth Villa and they harmonize with the secluded bays and natural paths visitors are promoted to travel around. The atmosphere in small St Bart gratifies more people in quest of relaxation than those who may be looking for a vacation break with lots of fashionable attractions.

You are looking for gentle activities like snorkeling or sailing along the coast?

Angling and simply unwinding on the white sands of one of the seventeen beaches that are located in St Barth are favorite pastimes both for locals and guests alike. That said, a number of events are stringed along the year: the Music Festival, the Carnival, the fishing tournament and a few yacht's races. An historic heritage do exist, since the island was successively owned by the Order of Malta, the French, the Swedish, and the French again, and thus it has led to a few monuments worth a visit: during your stay in a St Barth villa , you have ample time to stop at the 2 Gustavia and Karl forts, the 2 museums (the Wall House museum and the Inter Oceans one), the lighthouse, the Swedish clock, the bell in the church of Lorient and the Maison Dinzey.