St barts luxury villas

You are looking for an exclusive resort in the Caribbean? St Barts luxury villas should then suit you.

St Barts luxury villas distinguish themselves from traditional luxury resorts in the region, with attention to detail, unparalleled concierge service and cleaning - and a high level of commitment to create a unique destination for the smart travelers with relaxed and friendly staff. Some of our villas Saint Barth are situated on a rocky hill or white sandy beaches. If quiet sunbathing is in your agenda, the 17 beaches that encompass the island should suit you; they are also a major spot for soft recreation of all kinds: Scuba diving and snorkeling along the stunning coral reef, surfing, windsurfing and inland you can have a go at hang gliding, horse riding and tennis.

You want to get a feel for the culture and customs?

A villa rental St Barth will also be ideally located near fine dining and wining, historic monuments (a lighthouse, 2 museums, churches and more), and quaint upmarket shops. Please note that St Barts is a VAT-free country. Visitors may also wish to visit the fishing village of Grande Saline that also offers lodging and gourmet eateries. A St Barts luxury villas offers a unique experience catering to those who are seeking fun and leisure or simply wish to relax and bathe in the cool atmosphere. Upon you arrival at your Saint Barts villas, don't hesitate to call our concierge to organize your stay.