St bart villas

You are looking for fun in a secluded island in the Caribbean? A St Barts villa should then suit you.

In St Bart, tourism has been playing a great role for a few decades now. As a result, you can find a number of shopping, entertainment and fun activities to enjoy the place. If you are looking for more privacy St Barths has a national park beach that offers sightseeing and relaxation on a well-preserved genuine shoreline. From your St Barts villa , you easily go to watch the regatta, which is a week-end long event that unites country activities with an exciting yachts' race. Shipwrecks are popular amongst scuba divers who want to see captivating historical works of art unmoved for centuries. Snorkeling in the amazing coral reef is also a favorite pastime.

You think you want a Saint Barts villa located near the coastline?

The main island is where visitors will find the best part of St Barth luxury properties, resort and hotels, near the beaches of Lorient, Saint Jean and Flamands. In one word, there is plenty of nature to encounter from a large variation of wildlife (cactuses, frigate birds, seagulls, and incredible limestone outcroppings). The majority of St Barts (the inhabitants) speak French but a large number also speak English. The people in St Barts are also known to be very friendly and respectful and it is not rare for them to propose a cup of coffee or tea at their place. That's what a St Barts villa