Saint barth hotel

You want large living rooms and patio beside the beach? Look to these magnificent five starSaint Barth’s hotelsor these St Barths’ villa rentals!

Saint Barth's tourism virtually demands that the island's real estate market offers a wide assortment of properties. From a luxury Saint Barth's hotel (with private pool and Jacuzzi) in Gustavia, the capital, to numerous prestigious caribbean villas for rent, on the oceanfront, there is something for everyone on the island. 5 bedroom St Bart's villas are also available and they often come with an included apartment which makes them ideal to purchase to convert the flat into short term St Barth's rental afterwards. The large sizes also make these estates quite adaptable allowing them to put up large families, a large number of guests or home office.

You want a house that emphasizes privacy, tucked away in a secluded neighborhood?

Ici et La real estate, offers a range of discreet villas located less than 10 minutes from the most famous St Barth's beaches (Shell beach, Gouverner, Saline, Grand Fond, Toiny) and other sports activities, like tennis or hang gliding. Saint Barth's apartments are often located in ancient buildings, so in addition to 2 bedrooms and bathroom residence, owners also receive additional amenities, like gated security and concierge service. Otherwise to try out a few days on the island, you can start by booking a suite in a much celebrated Saint Barth's hotel .