Villa st barth

You’ve set your heart on a Caribbean destination? Take a glimpse at our catalog of Villas in St Barth.

Since St Barts is considered to be a very laid back resort, it is popular with its several kilometers of beachfront and many diving spots reputedly the best in the Caribbean (particularly due to the coral reef). There are several sights to explore in St Barthelemy, from the natural hiking trails around the island to the historic Forts and Museums (The Wall House museum and the Inter Oceans one), the Swedish clock, the Governer's house (the former town hall) in Gustavia, the capital and ancient St Barth properties. So with a Villa in St Barth , you're sure to get the best of both a recreational “world” and a relaxing one, regardless of whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor entertainment or want to soak up in the atmosphere and get to know people and places.

Besides the beach, you want to literally “plunge” into a vivid atmosphere?

This island offer an abundance of activities like colorful festivals, water sports, gourmet dining and wining and live music shows. A St Barths villa is the chance to appreciate the Carnival which includes much celebrations, parades, music from around the world and fishing tournaments. One thing to note: there is no international airport on the island, so visitors usually land in Juliana International airport, located in St Martin nearby and take a ferry or a little plane to their Villa in St Barth .