Villas st bart

Did you know that once a sleepy nation, St Barts is now booming? Pick up a villa in St Bartand you’ll find out why.

The coral reef provides excellent scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities along with other water sports, like jet skiing, water skiing, boating and fishing out of the natural reserves. But beaches in Saint Barth far prevail over anything else in terms of popularity. These 17 beaches gained advantage from the fact that St Barthelemy, until lately, was relatively unknown and thus the white sandy beaches are perhaps the most pristine of all the Caribbean ones. But St Barts hasplans for development: hotels, luxury villas on St Barts ' main island and on the islands around, restaurants, golf courses... an entire soft tourism infrastructure is emerging.

You want to travel around the island by yourself?

If taxis are a popular means of transportation around the island, the best way to move around is to rent a car from one of the several hire companies that are located in Gustavia, the capital or at the airport, for example. Alternately you can even hire a scooter. Anyway, departing from your villa in St Bart , these will give you the opportunity to discover the island's rich natural resources, stunning vistas and historic works of art and old Saint Barts' villas. Having a St Barts' home is the guarantee of a warm climate (of a dry tropical marine type) which implies that it rains infrequently and that the average temperature varies from 22°C in winter to 30°C in summer, allowing an incomparable quality of life. One can bathe all year round in clear water which is never less than 26°C.