St barths property

You want to travel to a tropical heaven? A St Barths property is ideally located on an archipelago of pristine islands.

Nowadays St Barts has overcome its former difficulties and continues to flourish, its tourism activity being one of the major profitable contributors. When you are sited in a St Barths' property , some of the more active pursuits on the island include: playing tennis on the pro-tennis courts of Petit Cul de Sac, snorkeling at Lorient beach, diving in Colombier, horseback riding on the seashore and hang gliding above the whole island itself. Museums, ancient buildings and places, nautical events, festivals, gourmet dining and tiki-bars, are part of the exciting entertainment venues in St Barths. The island's beaches vary from the popular to the secluded, some being full of activities while others are more isolated.

Want to be familiar with wildlife watching?

Also hiking through St Bart's vast natural habitats is a good way to get acquainted with all the prettiness of the island: tropical vegetation, frigate birds, seagulls, turtles and limestone outcroppings are a pure delight to observe. The locals here are also reputedly very friendly and welcoming to visitors, and socializing is necessary if one wants to get to know the “out and about” of the island. Of course the official language is French, but a large part of the population speaks English as well, the island being in fact a mix of different cultures, since French and Caribbeaninfluences can also be felt. Take a look at our range of St Barths properties on our website.