Saint barts villa

For your next secluded vacation you want historic sites with natural scenic vistas? A Saint Barts villa would then be an advantage.

St Barts' main attractions are obviously its beaches and weather, but its openness has lead to it entertaining popular events, like the Music Festival or the Yachts' Race that is a pleasure for boat racing fans. From your Saint Barts' villa , you may see the lighthouse which is located on the heights of Gustavia, the capital, making it a holidaymaker favorite with suitably placed restaurants within walking distance. Many locals frequently sell their produce in the market and Gustavia's city centre is a great place for wining and dining in a quaint charming atmosphere. That said, the island's seventeen beaches continue to be among the several qualities of the island.

You are longing for elaborate coral reef when diving?

A St Barthelemy villa is also the opportunity to explore sea-related activities: Scuba-diving and snorkeling, as well as windsurfing and angling (in unprotected areas) are most wanted pastimes on the island, but hiking along trails or horse-riding are also available. In comparison to neighboring islands, St Bart can seem a little bare since it doesn't have the natural vistas or the abundant night life of Saint Martin or the Bahamas, but from your Saint Barth's villa the excellent beaches promenades are promises of a real relaxing experience. Come and encounter a unique blend of traditions and modernity!

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