St barths villas

Generally speaking you appreciate the Caribbean atmosphere? Then a St Barths’ villa is all you need to relax by the tropical sun.

St Barts shares many Caribbean qualities and history with its neighbor Saint Martin. But the atmosphere of St Barths is significantly more laid back than in Saint Martin for example. Visitors to this island are usually people who are seeking to enjoy the several kilometers of beachfront and nestle in a nice luxury St Barths' villa with a private pool and Jacuzzi. It took several years before St Bart became a tourist destination, and it was only in the 1950's that it turned out to be visited by an upmarket population who required the island to develop its collection of entertainment and soft nightlife.

You want a place to enjoy lots of music, parades, ethnic food?

Talking about culture and lifestyle, one of the best time to experience St Barth is in January, during the Music Festival, which encompasses many influences, from Jamaican reggae and calypso to European jazz and folklore. Indeed, St Barts has a long tradition of music and dance. This event also features international Yachys' races and a fishing tournament. But St Barths also has its Carnival in February, a large scale Festival held on all the islands in the vicinity. So even if you are secluded in a St Barths' villa it's unlikely you'll miss one or the other! At Ici et La real estate, we specialize in Caribbean home rentals!