Villa saint barth

You’re dreaming of a pure vacation under a Caribbean sun? A villa in St Barth is sure to fulfill your utmost expectations.

In St Barts, the main island boasts a variety of activities and interesting locations. Having a villa in Saint Barth is the opportunity to get to know Gustavia, the capital, which has plenty of VAT-free upmarket boutiques, restaurants and bars - but this also holds true for the other small villages around the island. Historic sites are never far away, and you can visit museums, forts, the Swedish clock, ancient churches, old villas in St Bart, etc. The island is also known for its quality fishing which is a large part of the local economy and strongly attract yachters and watermen. Regattas are held annually and bring sailing buffs from all around the globe to compete in Caribbean boat races.

You only want to relax under a tropical sun and listen to sweet music?

A St Barts villa rental always come with a private swimming pool and Jacuzzi, but of course St Barths' main attraction remains its warm weather and the 17 white sandy beaches. Each has its own unique character: for example, L'Anse de Public Beach is the one meant for the sailing school, while Gouverner Beach is no doubt prized for its natural beauty. There are rare long haul flights to St Barthelemy, and most people take a regular flight to nearby Saint Martin and use a ferry boat or a small plane to come to St Barth. Alternately, visitors can also take a cruise line or their personal watercraft directly to their villa in Saint Barth . On the island, taxis are a common form of transportation though hiring a car is probably the best way to go around.