St barts rental

For your next holiday you are imagining a tropical haven? Why not choose a St Barts rental or a luxury St Barts hotel in the Caribbean.

St Barths is a small island that offers a range of leisure venues and activities. Renowned for its beaches, cayes and marinas, St Barts allows for several types of natural vistas. From coastal lands that provide angling and beach-going occasions to inland areas that permits exploring nature, horse riding, hiking and tennis, a St Barts rental

You need the ideal place for basking in the sun and having fun?

Gustavia, the capital, is also known for its festive atmosphere and soft nightlife, restaurants, bars and clubs providing a lively environment. The vacation appeal of a St Barts house has begun to attract many foreigners since the 50s. The economy is now largely dependent on upmarket tourism. In fact St Barthelemy is an archipelago of 10 islands (Chevreau, Coco, Fourchue, Frégate, Tortue, Le Boulanger, Les Grenadins, Pain de Sucre, Petit Jean and Toc Vert) and having a St Barts rental is the guarantee of total privacy. Of course, due to their small sizes and lack of development, these islands are travelled around more for their natural panoramas, shorelines and quiet waterfront picnic spots than anything else.