Caribbean luxury villa rentals

You desire a place distinguished for having a most impressive coral reef? StBarthelemys offers all this with its range of Caribbean luxury villa rentals.

Caribbean Island travel is a great way to experience nature in a highly pristine state along with an encounter that is definitely one of a kind. Caribbean luxury villa rentals in St Barts allow visitors and residents the privacy of the West Indies (or Lesser Antilles) and the convenient nearness of the capital Gustavia. Today the island is considered one of the Caribbean most sought-after destinations, boasting gourmet restaurants and several resorts. Throughout its development, St Barths has still managed to retain the magnetism that attracted people in the first place: a calm atmosphere and seafront spot.

You want a location within easy driving or walking distance of the island's capital and the beaches?

Seventeen beaches covered with white sand envelop the island (Colombier, Saint Jean, Lorient, l'Anse des Cayes, to name but a few). Nestled in a Caribbean luxury villa rental you will have ample opportunity to appreciate that each beach has its own special character. Most are protected from the seas by coral reefs. Since all French beaches are public, access is free. St Barthelemy is actually quite small, when compared to other islands in the Caribbean, which only adds more to its relax and quiet characters. At Ici et La, we are blessed with a highly qualified and bilingual team that will advise you on the most recognized real estate to buy or to rent (for a short while or a long stretch of time).