St bart

You want to walk along soft golden sand with turquoise waters at your feet? Feel free to experience the island of St Bart.

Since the Caribbean was once famous for piracy, a number of shipwrecks can be found below the waters of St Bart . That's why scuba diving and snorkeling are such widespread pastimes in the island. Lots of historic sites also remain to be visited, like the lighthouse, the churches and the forts in Gustavia and nearby. On the island the preferred choice of transportation is the car, and if you wish to go around the place, it's very likely you will need to hire one at one of the local car rentals available in St Barths. The tourist office will provide you with all necessary maps to navigate and see the stunning vistas by yourself. It is also a great site for socializing with the locals and culture.

You appreciate viewing wildlife while on vacation?

Tropical fishes, turtles and frigate birds can be seen in different spots in St Bart if you care about being discreet. But Saint Barth's biggest appeal continues to be the many and highly wide-ranging beaches. No less than seventeen beaches (Lorient, Anse des Cayes, Corossol, l'Anse de Public, Shell Beach, to name but a few) can be found on the island. As a matter of fact, wherever your villa in Saint Barth is located, you will always be close to the oceanfront.