Villa rentals st barts

You wish to see outdoor sports like regattas during your next holiday? Villa rentals in St Barts are duly available for August when those take place.

Saint Barth is famed for its small size and distant locations which offers lots of seclusion usually seen in the tiny cayes (or keys) of the Lesser Antilles. Since the 50s, the island is focusing on tourism. In St Barth, there's a great variety of sights and upmarket shopping in quaint boutiques. It does also have a significant amount of historic sites, with forts, museums, the Swedish clock, churches and ancient Saint Barth hotels to be visited. Numerous beaches are stringed along the island, each possessing its affinities: if you go for a villa rental St Barts , you will find that Corossol is a beach within a charming and local fishing village sprinkled with dozens of coloured boats; it is the beach volley ball rendez-vous for the young. Beach Lorient, on the contrary has pounding waves that are prime surfing waters.

You want a place to dive and see shipwrecks?

Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular pastime there for locals and visitors alike: Petit Cul-de-Sac Beach is situated partly in the marine reserve, and is a special place for snorkelers who can watch the multi-colored fishes, turtles and sting-rays swimming among the coral reef. Shipwrecks can be found further north. Tiki-bars and fine restaurants are usually located on the beach or close to your St Barts' villa; they are perfect places to watch the sun set. Once being located in your villa rental St Barts , you will have ample time to try other outdoor activities like hang gliding, horse riding or hiking along the trails that encompass the island.