Villa st barts

For your next dream vacation, you want turquoise waters along a coral reef? Take a hint at our villas in St Barts.

Despite its well documented history, - St Barthelemy was discovered in 1493 by Christopher Colombus but not colonized before the 17th century - St Barts houses did not really come into global prominence until the mid-20th century. Indeed it's in the 1950s, especially after David Rockfeller bought a wide parcel here to build a luxurious villa, that St Barts has emerged from quietly secluded beginnings to become a world-class diving destination. Since then, popularity and tourism soared and today St Bart has numerous resorts, hotels, wining and dining establishments and a healthy sightseeing industry.

You crave for a place famed for its serene 17 beaches?

Even as Saint Barth is growing in attractiveness it still favors holidaymakers who want a quiet and secluded experience. While Gustavia, the capital, provides high energy entertainment and nightlife, it's the appeal of Grande Saline Beach and the more laid back activities (such as havinga drink by the beachfront) that defines the charm of St Barths and of St Barths' properties. Petit Cul-de-Sac Beach is situated partly in the marine reserve, but it is a special place for snorkelers who can watch the multi-coloured fishes swimming among the coral reef. One thing to remember: the locals here are very friendly and welcoming and it's not rare to be invited for a cup of coffee or tea at one of their French looking villa in St Barts (that is reminiscent of the Mediterranean).

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