Villa st bart

You want to settle in a true melting pot of traditions and cultures? A villa in St Bartis a great opportunity to do so.

Since the 50s, St Barthelemy has maintained constant tourism appeal and developed a number of activities, from the Carnival celebrations to the annual Music festival along with regattas and fishing tournaments. Isolated beaches and tranquil natural setting create ideal locations for a quick or long Caribbean getaway. Once nestled in your villa St Barth, you'll find that the island is vibrantly rich in culture and ethnicities while being deeply laid back, bending more towards a quiet atmosphere. The country is nowadays among the most flourishing in the Caribbean. This is why a Villa in St Bart

You usually enjoy the French character?

The colorful residents (the Saint Barts and the Metros - for Metroplitan France) - are quite friendly and welcoming, and it's not rare to be invited for a cup of coffee or tea at their place. Take your time to socialize, and you'll get the most of the island. The abundance of nature and sea-related recreations (diving, surfing, windsurfing or simply swimming) provide tremendous appeal to the island as well. One thing to keep in mind: the beaches are never far off a Villa in St Bart . Even if your luxury mansion has a private pool and Jacuzzi the beaches are a must, since they harmonize so well with the stunning views. A St Barth vacation rentals for example is also the kickoff place for hiking along the island's trails and come across unspoiled vegetation and wildlife.