Villa st barths

You are much sensitive to the Caribbean charm? Then a villa in St Barths would surely give a great satisfaction.

Unlike other many Caribbean islands, St Barth was never a heavily contested territory. It belonged to the Portuguese, the Dutch, the order of Malta, France (but with no production of any sort, St Barthelemy was soon considered useless), then sold to Sweden and surrendered back to France later on. Thanks to the important treasures captured from the Spanish Galleons, little by little the pirates became traders, shop keepers, fishermen and small time farmers. Nowadays it is one of the most thriving islands in the region thanks to its free access white sandy beaches and continually growing real estate market (a villa in St Barths is nowadays a high yielding asset).

You want careless activities, like having drinks by the seafront?

Since the 50s, popularity led to much upmarket tourism, with celebrities, such as Tom Cruise or Harrison Ford calling or having once called St Bart their home. The island now has numerous resorts and hotels, as well as French gourmet restaurants, bars and clubs. Even though the island is more and more attractive, it still favors holidaymakers who want a tranquil and somewhat secluded getaway. Of course, there are parties organized by personalities in their own villa in St Barths , or Saint Barth hotel, but nightlife, especially in Gustavia, the capital, remains gentle and casinos are almost absent from the island.