B Shorts

“B-Shorts" Boutique is located in a perfect location in the heart of Gustavia « Le Carré d’Or ».
The store is located next door to « Cartier », « Hermés » and Ralph Lauren stores, and a few steps from « Vuittonn » and « Bulgari » shops.
The shop has a surface of 828 sq²
The apartment has a surface of 548 sq²
In addition, the lease include on the second floor a one bedroom apartment.
The activities allowed in the lease are : Men, women and children clothes.
The monthly rent include the apartment above : 9020 Euro
Two possibilities are offered to buy :
- The shares of a local company : 883 000 euro.
- The commercial lease : 852 000 Euro.
Commision paid by the seller.

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Pricing and availability are subjected to change at any time.

Price: 852 000 €In USD

Location: VENDU - SOLD

Commercial store and lease

Surface area: 829 sq.ft.