Who are we?

Ici et La Villas : Real estate agency, specialized in providing and managing high-end estates for sale or for rent in St Barts.

Since 1990, we have been offering our clients a selection of the most beautiful luxury villas in St Barts for rental or sale.

Given that the Ici et La real estate agency is located in St Barts, in Gustavia, on the harbor. We are ideally positionned to inform you on the current state of the real estate market in St Barts. Our competent team will provide counsel for a potential purchase, rental or management of your property.

We bring our know-how, our professionalism and 18 years’ experience in luxury real estate to guide you through:

  • The right choice regarding your expectation depending of your needs and criteria
  • The purchase your property
  • The management of your villa or co-ownership
  • Renting a villa for an unforgettable vacation in St Barts

St Barts

What alchemy turned the island of St Barts, as year went by, in the destination where so many dream villas are built? Why do so many home owners have such strong ties to St Barts where they own several luxury villas? Finally, how is it that so many clients are renting again and again, year after year, most often sticking to the same estates for their vacation rentals?
All these questions lead to a single answer: St Barts’ passion and magic has, over time, made it a unique and exceptional island.

St Barts’ island is located in the French West Indies, North-West of Guadeloupe.
This archipelago featuring 22 white sand beaches, has so far avoid mass tourism. Its 360 days of sunshine per year makes it an ideal vacation and break destination.
St Barts offers numerous nautical activities and entertainments in turquoise waters. The various restaurants will seduce you with their different specialities.

Renting luxury villas in St Barts

Luxury estates for idyllic vacations…
Ici et La represents more than 180 villas for vacation rentals or year long rentals. These carefully selected estates have satisfied all our demanding quality criteria.

Eagerto ensure you a break of utmost quality, we make sure all our villa rentals are high-end standing. You will find there all the modern comfort for chilling out and enjoy your vacations:

  • Villas with gorgeous pools
  • Idyllic surroundings
  • Extraordinary sea views…

Our villas are available for rent as short breaks or throughout the year.

Selling and buying villas in St Barts

As specialists of luxury villas and estates, Ici et La Villas puts all of its know-how at your service for selling or buying real estates in St Barts.

Since 1990, we have gain a strong experience in selling and buying all kinds of real estates:

  • Villas
  • Apartments
  • Lands
  • Businesses

We are very much attuned to the demanding requirements of such a specialized real estate market as luxury estates.

Our professionalism has allowed us to gain and retain over the years the trust of numerous demanding buyers and sellers from different countries and cultures.

Estates’ management in St Barts

As a specialist of luxury villas and estates, Ici et La Villas guarantees adequate management of high-end estates.

Our real estate agency puts all its know-how and expertise of the St Barts’ real estate market at your disposal, to help you achieve the best return on investment of your property, thanks to a precise management of the costs and revenus of your villa.

Concerning the property management, Ici et La Villas handles all the aspects of the maintenance and administration of your estate in short or long term rental or for your personal use:

  • Rental plannings
  • 24h/24 hotline
  • Housekeeping
  • Garden
  • Pool maintenace
  • Construction work supervision
  • Management reports
  • Accounting…

You can fully trust our team of serious and dedicated real estate’s professionnals.

Co-ownership management in St Barts

We’ve also been managing many real estate complexes in St Barts for many years.

Just as for individual properties, Ici et La handles all the aspects of the maintenance and administration of your estate:

  • Housekeeping
  • Garden
  • Pool maintenace
  • 24h/24 hotline
  • Construction work supervision
  • General meeting
  • Accounting…

We put all our know-how at our clients’ service, offering adequate services tailored to the demands of high-end estates.

We currently manage the Colony Club, one of the most beautiful residence of St Barts, located on the hillside of Gustavia.