Villas st barts

For your next vacation, you want places and activities of interest? St Barts villas are then “tailor-made” destination.

Saint Barth' market has been greatly dependent on tourism since the 50s and it's not unusual nowadays to see couples getting married here or honeymooners spending their time in one of Gustavia's hotels or in one of the luxurious St Barts' villas around the island. The areas which are rarely haunted by tourists give the impression that man has never set foot on the island, which leads to its status as one of the most eco-friendly destinations around the globe. Indeed the island shows guests a vivid display of intact nature, with mountains, valleys and lush landscapes for a total of about 21 square kilometers (8 square miles) with 32 kilometers of coastline (20 miles).

You only need to relax and unwind in a serene atmosphere?

Just over 8400 people call St Barths their home, the majority of which come from France and french-speaking countries, like Guadeloupe or Martinique. French is considered the official language but people here often speak English as well. With a St Bart' rental or a Saint Barth hotel, we can provide a fully bilingual concierge service for your convenience. Actors Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise have once set foot on the island, so if you're lucky enough you may come across other celebrities on one of the 17 beaches that encompass the island. It has a tropical climate moderated by northeast winds. Once you are nestled in your St Barts'villa , take a tour of the island by car that you can rent from one of the few car hire companies located on the island.