St barts villa

For your next vacation you are dreaming of a magical tropical shelter? A St Barts’ villa will then be ideally located.

While there is plenty of soft nightlife, wining and dining and other attractions to discover, Saint Barth is designed more towards people who are seeking an eye catching atmosphere, a cool St Barts' villa , and want to cruise across its clear waters. Residents of St Barthelemy, known as the St Barts, tend to be very welcoming with tourists. The culture and traditions here tend to be a mix of French with a measure of typical Caribbean ones. The main language here is French but the vast majority of people do speak English as well.

You want music and festivals being an integrated part of the culture?

In addition to the Carnival, a major festive event held throughout the Caribbean (with genres such as zouk, calypso, reggae), traditional European music is heavily present into the many parties that are frequently held on the island. The slightly warmer weather in St Barths, keeps beach-going constantly on demand. From your St Barts' villa , you have access to 17 beaches around the island and it's easy then to go for scuba diving, snorkeling, simply swimming along the coral reef, surfing or windsurfing in the turquoise waters. Alternatively, once nestled in a St Barts house rentals or a Saint Barts hotel, you can come inland to play tennis or pétanque (or boules), go horse riding or hiking to discover the island's preserved wildlife and beautiful natural sceneries.