St barts villa rental

You are looking for a centre for water sport activities on the beach? Take a minute to glimpse at our St Barts’ villa rentals.

Saint Barth is an island which is growing in popularity. Trendy places to visit in St Barths are the lighthouse in Gustavia, the capital, 2 museums (the Wall House museum and the Inter oceans museums) or special Caribbean villas; botanical gardens around the island also display colorful flowers and exotic plants. Other visits may include shipwrecks since the island was once famous for being a refuge of pirates and their vessels. Scuba diving and/or snorkeling is thus a favorite pastime among residents and visitors alike. From your St Barts villa rental , we can recommend you to take a quick taxi tour of the island upon your arrival, something we can easily arrange.

You wish to combine cultural and relaxing events during your stay in a villa rental in St Barts?

Festivals include the Caribbean Carnival which comes about annually in February and is the occasion for much celebration, parades and fishing contests over a week. That said, the main reasons people come to St Barth, is without a doubt its 32 kilometers of coastline and white sandy beaches. On the island, 17 beaches can be numbered, which go by the name of Corossol (a little charming and local fishing village), L'Anse des cayes (a lovely unspoilt beach, one side being rocky, the other sandy), Gouverner (prized for its natural beauty; legend has it that the famous buccaneer Monbart hid his treasure here), l'Anse de Grand Fond (much likely to the coast of Brittany, France), Toiny, Shell Beach (that gets its name from the millions of sea shells), Grande saline (one of the most beautiful wild beach), etc. Basically that's all what a St Barts's villa rental or for sale can offer.