St barths villa rental

You want to unwind in a magical spot in the Caribbean? Take a glimpse at some of our St Barths’ villa rental then.

Most people get to St Barthelemy by plane landing at St Martin's Juliana International airport. The best thing to do is to rent a car (or a scooter) for easy travel around the island. Several car hire companies are located on the island. The greater part of St Barth' islands have popular beaches, soft nightlife and remain popular in the region for scuba diving and snorkeling. Markets, both large and small, are spread across the main island for guests to explore and shop in. St Barthelemy is recognized for having what's considered exceptionally fine French and West Indian food.

You wish to pay attention to wildlife, natural wonders, and purely cultural features?

Visitors wishing to get a flavor of the culture should visit during the month of January in order to experience the Music Festival, a major cheerful event that takes place across all island and which features an interesting mix of Caribbean Folklore music and European ones. Departing from your St Barths villa rental you can have a sightseeing tour and visit the ancient monuments and cultural reminders that have made the history of St Barths: 2 forts, 2 museums (the Wall House museum and the Inter Oceans one), the Swedish clock, churches and a lighthouse.