Land on top of Saint Jean

This land is located at the very top of Saint Jean.
It has an exceptional view of the ocean, the hills, and the bay of Saint Jean.
It has a surface area of 2.18 acre, and it is located partly in zone UR and partly in natural zone.
Its characteristics are as follows:
The part in building zone of 0.44 acre is at the top of the land:
The maximum enclose area to be built is 3 517 sqf
The maximum height of the buildings is 11.5 ft
The vegetated area to be created is 9 211 sqf
The permeable surface to be created is 7 631 sqf
The natural area represents 1.74 acre


Pricing and availability are subjected to change at any time.

Price: 8 500 000 €In USD

Land: approx. 2.18 acres

Nearest beach: St Jean

Time to Gustavia: 5 min.

Time to the airport: 2 min.

Time to the nearest supermarket: 2 min.

Time to the nearest restaurant: 2 min.